Here Comes The Eclipse – BE CAREFUL!

I have a friend who has to deal with a dark spot in her field of vision. It never goes away. It was caused by staring at the sun for too long when she was a child. There is no cure or treatment. She has to live with it for the rest of her life.

Yes, staring at the sun can damage your eyes. That’s why a solar eclipse, as amazing at it may be, can be very dangerous.

So if you’re planing on viewing the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, or any solar eclipse for that matter, it is extremely important to protect your eyes, The eclipse will last about 7 1/2 minutes. But it takes less than 2 minutes to permanantly damage your eye. And not just a burn spot like my friend has.  In some ways she was lucky. Sun damage can lead to blurry vision, problems with seeing colors, even cataracts. So please, don’t stare at the sun.

One very safe way to watch the eclipse is by using a homemade pinhold camera.  This Youtube video explains how to make one,

Of course you can view the eclipse directly if you have proper eye protection. Not just sunglasses. No matter how strong (or expensive) the sunglasses, they will not keep you safe for that long. The only answer are special solar eclipse glasses.  You can get inexpensive paper ones, or regular glasses with the special lens (see examples below this article). Make sure you wear them the entire time you watch the sun.

What about taking a picture or video of the eclipse? The sun can and will damage the camera in your phone (as well as any other digital camera you may use.)  How long before it burns the element inside may vary, but, there is no fix for it other than replacing the camera’s sensor or probably getting a new phone. But you can get a filter like the one used in the solar eclipse glasses (again, see below). You say that you have taken quick pictures of the sun without hurting your phone’s camera? Of course, but all you get is a big bright blur.  With the filter you can actually see the sun more clearly

On the left, bright blurry image of the sun. On the right, with the solar filter, you can see the sun’s disk.

So enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the coming eclipse. But please, please be careful!

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