Web Development

You don’t hear the term “Webmaster” much anymore.  Well I still consider myself to be a webmaster.  I began building websites back in the mid-90’s.  That’s before Dreamweaver, Front Page or any of the web editing software existed.  I used Notepad, a simple text editor, which meant, I had to write every line of code.

It’s gotten more complex now and I admit I use a lot of the current tools, like WordPress (this site was built in WordPress).  Mostly all of the sites I do now are WordPress based.  This is to allow the client to be able to maintain his or her own site, at least in terms of the basics.  However, I still use my coding skills to customize the sites.

Some sites are in WordPress, some are HTML built from scratch:



2014 African Festival of the Arts





dialexcesDialExcess Web Comic
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Group Endeavors
Donna Smith Bellinger,
The Advancement Specialist



BSMBeing Single MagazineOnline Magazine
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The Chicago “Dodo” Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen
Highly informative site with articles, videos of the history and current activities of ChicagoAirmen.