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–Steve Bellinger


October 25, 2015 – from Facebook:

I just finished reading THE CHRONOCAR, a novel by an old friend, Steve Bellinger. Steve once differentiated between Science Fiction and Space Opera as follows: If you take away the “gimmick” in SF, you have no story, but take away the “gimmick” in SO and the story remains. Take away the lasers and spaceships and the like from Star Wars and you might have a variation on KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Not so with THE CHRONOCAR (the name chosen for the time machine in the novel). The story lives and dies on the strength of its premise, which is intriguing, innovative, provocative – and, no more beating around the bush, utterly phenomenal, Science Fiction at its purest!

The novel is easy to recommend, barely 140 pages and progressing at lightspeed – no surprise for a novel dealing with time and space, but the payoff could not be more surprising. Flannery O’Connor once said it was the writer’s responsibility to make the reader look the other way – and then hit him over the head with a baseball bat. I’m now nursing a humdinger of a headache. Thanks, Steve!

–Boman Desai, author of several great books.
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