Posted on: November 21st, 2016 by Steve

As a thank you for participating in today’s conversation I would like to offer you two gifts:


Gift #1

A digital download of the 1st two chapters
of my book “You Lost Me @ Hello”.

If you have been holding back on sharing your gifts because you thought that perhaps you were not welcomed or understood.

Get over it!

All it takes is preparation and consistency to become one of the most important people in the room.

It’s not who you follow

It’s how you lead that matters!


Gift #2

Revenue Dynamics Introduction MINI- Makeover w/ Donna

Valued at $125

For Speakers, Business Owners and Sales Professionals who want to make revenue generating first impressions and turn their cards into cash.

In this PRIVATE mini- session we will:

  •  Restructure your introduction (elevator pitch) for different audiences
  •  Create the necessary calls to action to create immediate acceleration in your business

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