The Chronocar:  An Urban Adventure In Time

The award winning novel by Steve Bellinger

What people are saying about The Chronocar:

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Incredibly clever! --Rick Kogan, WGN Radio

I enjoyed reading this excerpt because the writing is so good you can see the characters come to life --Kasper Beaumont (she reads an excerpt on her blog as part of OWS CyCon 2019)

An inherently engaging and entertaining read from beginning to end, "The Chronocar" showcases author Steve Bellinger's genuine flair for originality and narrative driven storytelling. --Midwest Book Review

**** I could tell the author put hours of time researching facts and events to write this book. It was well written and the editing was perfect. The story was easy to follow. . --Deanna James, Paperback Pushers

"It is a well-edited story that holds interest and has quite a shocking ending." --YA Book Reviews

***** "I just couldn't put this book down." --Canadian Book Addict

**** "...a highly satisfying read with a very nice twist in the finale. Certainly something I would recommend to any sci-fi enthusiasts." --By Rite of Words

"This time-bending, cautionary tale is by turns exciting, funny, and dark as it propels through time and tragedy." --Historical Novel Society

***** "THE CHRONOCAR defies many expectations - the plot moves along at a brisk pace, tropes are used in creative ways, and the ending contains a twist worthy of THE TWILIGHT ZONE." --Gordon Dymowski, Goodreads

"Bellinger’s easy, readable style is deft at explaining technology or painting a scene."

"The Chronocar...has something for just about everyone as it takes you for a ride through time."

"...utterly phenomenal, Science Fiction at its purest!" --Boman Desai, author

****½ "...I don’t know if the author is planning to write a sequel, I’d be thrilled to find out what happens next if he ever decides to..." --Long and Short Reviews

***** “This exciting time-travel tale kicks ass! …it reads like a thriller, complete with a wicked twist that slaps the reader upside the head.” –Amazon reviewer

***** "…the story is, in turns, intellectual, funny and touching while playing with paradoxes of time travel. The Chronocar is one wild ride.” –Amazon reviewer

***** “I’m a history fan, not a sci fi buff, but a friend recommended this so I read it. I loved it!” –Amazon reviewer

***** “… The Chronocar reminds me of how I felt when I discovered Robert Heinlein’s books in 7th grade.” –Amazon reviewer

Imagine being born the son of a slave with the mind of a genius. That was Simmie Johnson in the years following the Civil War.

After a perilous escape from lynch mobs in Mississippi, he manages to earn a PhD in physics at Tuskegee, and in his research, discovers the secret of time travel. He develops a design for a time machine, called a Chronocar, but the technology required to make it work does not yet exist.

But, he has chosen an unfortunate time in the past and becomes involved in the bloodiest race riot in Chicago’s history.

Fast forward a hundred and twenty-five years. A young African American Illinois Tech student in Chicago finds Dr. Johnson’s plans and builds a Chronocar. He goes back to the year 1919 to meet the doctor and his beautiful daughter, Ollie, who live in Chicago’s Black Belt, now known as Bronzeville.

Click here to learn more about the Red Summer Riot of 1919

The Chronocar is now part of the collection and archive

of the Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology

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