How to do a Book Launch

  • First arrivals

  • Books and Poster display - Autographed post card

  • Surprised by my Mom, sister Jackie and Nephew Patrick

  • (Left) Facebook friend Bill Becwar - (Right) Mike Walsh, friend of 20 years

  • Two of my favorite divas from Church, (Left) Eva Stewart and (Right) Ruth Ann Webb

  • Food provided by Chef Aleta. The mac and cheese bites were to die for!

  • Daughter Kris and son-in-law Chris

  • Viewing the teaser video.

  • Interview with Pastor Oreon Trickey

Hey, I don’t know!  But we just had one on October 17, 2015 for my novel The Chronocar.  It was actually sponsored by my church, LaSalle Street Church and held at Cornerstone Center.

It was excellent!  What made it work, partially, was the simplicity.  There were two dramatic readings from the book by a dear friend Mr. Dan West (who has a voice that makes me sound like Mickey Mouse) and my wife Donna, separated by presentations of my teaser and promotional videos.  After that one of our pastors, Pastor Oreon Trickey, conducted an interview with me, starting with questions that I suggested and then asking her own.  Probably the trickiest part was the Q and A session because I, along with the questioners, wanted to be careful not to give away any spoilers for those who had not read the book yet. Guess I need to have some sort of discussion session only for those who have read the Chronocar.

About 40 people attended and I happily got a little writer’s cramp from all of the autographs.  Many brought the books they had already purchased, and we sold books at a discount.  For those who had bought eBooks, I signed free mini posters and post cards.

Please enjoy the photos above.  Feel free to send me any comments or questions below.
*Special thanks to Bill Becwar for additional photos.