Donna's Celebrity Page
Famous People I've Met

with Beverly Coley, ALME Publishing; Roland S. Martin, CNN;
and Cheryl Burton, ABC News

Patrick Woodtor and George Clinton

With Judge Diane Shelley, 5th SubCircuit, Illinois,
and Illinois State Senator Hattie Hunter


With Rev. Willie Barrow

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Il State Rep. Connie Howard and Claude Spivey

With a member of "The Blue Man Group"

with Jazz Saxophonist Ray Silkman and her
daughter Kris

Activist and TV star Max Gail ("Wojo" from "Barney Miller")


Chicago TV legend Merri Dee

Bonnie DeShong and Deborah Crable

With Photographer Howard Simmons


Donna on the bridge of the Enterprise: "Make it so!"