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Radio Drama

Stephan A. Bellinger Productions Radio programming written, directed and produced by Steve Bellinger Podcasts of the actual programs below the article All my life I have been in love with […]

Cutting the Cable

We finally did it.  We got rid of cable TV.  Talk about full circle.  I remember as a young man when cable was the thing to have.  Dozens and dozens […]

Hey, I don’t know!  But we just had one on October 17, 2015 for my novel The Chronocar.  It was actually sponsored by my church, LaSalle Street Church and held at […]

My first job, first apartment right after graduating from college.  Nobody knew who I was or where I was.  My phone bill was less than $10 a month.  I just […]

We were at the grocery store today and I saw something interesting.  On a display near the checkout were some one-use cameras that promised HD or High Definition photos.  I […]

Day of the Martians the 1978 radio re-adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” written, directed and produced by Steve Bellinger Part One Your browser does not support the […]

Happy Birthday, Little One

On September 4, 1982, Annika Stephanie was born.  On Easter, 2009, she left us, with, as her loving Mother-In-Law Cathy said,  “an Annika shaped hole in our hearts.” I am […]

There was a time when riding in an elevator was a little uncomfortable. I would be standing there alone when the doors would open and another man would step in. […]